JUT3-1.5 series (Industrial self-locking Distribution DIN Rail clip phoenix contact pluggable terminal blocks)

The pull-back spring terminal has excellent anti-vibration ability, strong dynamic connection stability, convenient wiring, time-saving, labor-saving, and maintenance-free. Working current: 17.5 A,Operating Voltage:500V Wiring method: Pull back spring. Rated wiring capacity: 1.5mm2 Installation method: NS 35/7.5,NS 35/15.

Products Details


Available for rail NS35.

Shock resistance, strong dynamic connection stability.

Easy and fast wiring, high safety.

JUT3-1.5 Series

Product number JUT3-1.5 JUT3-1.5PE
product type Rail Terminals Rail ground terminal
Mechanical structure pull back spring pull back spring
layers 1 1
Electric Potential 1 1
connection volume 2 2
Rated cross section 1.5 mm2 1.5 mm2
Rated current 17.5A
Rated voltage 500V
open side panel Yes Yes
grounding feet no Yes
Application field Railway industry, new energy manufacturing, wind power storage, etc.
color gray, customizable yellow and green

Wiring Data

line contact
Stripping length 8mm 8mm
Rigid Conductor Cross Section 0.08mm² — 1.5mm² 0.08mm² — 1.5mm²
Flexible conductor cross section 0.08mm² — 1.5mm² 0.08mm² — 1.5mm²
Rigid Conductor Cross Section AWG 28-16 28-16
Flexible Conductor Cross Section AWG 28-16 28-16


thickness 4.2mm 4.2mm
width 48.5mm 48.5mm
NS35/7.5 high 36.5mm 36.5mm
NS35/15 high 44mm 44mm
NS15/5.5 high

Material Properties

Flame retardant grade, in line with UL94 V0 V0
Insulation Materials PA PA
Insulation material group I I

IEC Electrical Parameters

standard test IEC 60947-7-1 IEC 60947-7-2
Rated voltage(III/3) 500V
Rated current(III/3) 17.5A
Rated surge voltage 6kv 6kv
Overvoltage class III III
pollution level 3 3

Electrical Performance Test

Surge Voltage Test Results Passed the test Passed the test
Power frequency withstand voltage test results Passed the test Passed the test
Temperature rise test results Passed the test Passed the test

Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature (operating) -60 °C — 105 °C (Maximum short-term operating temperature, electrical characteristics are relative to temperature.) -60 °C — 105 °C (Maximum short-term operating temperature, electrical characteristics are relative to temperature.)
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -25 °C — 60 °C (short term (up to 24 hours), -60 °C to +70 °C) -25 °C — 60 °C (short term (up to 24 hours), -60 °C to +70 °C)
Ambient temperature (assembled) -5 °C — 70 °C -5 °C — 70 °C
Ambient temperature (execution) -5 °C — 70 °C -5 °C — 70 °C
Relative Humidity (Storage/Transportation) 30 % — 70 % 30 % — 70 %

Environmental Friendly

RoHS No excessive harmful substances No excessive harmful substances

Standards and Specifications

Connections are standard IEC 60947-7-1 IEC 60947-7-2

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